How to save big bucks on baby gears?

As the economy falls, more and more families are being on a tight budget. Best video baby monitors, diapers, safety car seats, strollers, etc. It seems that the list will never end, and you could run out of budget less than half the blink of an eye, which is sort of frustrating. That is where this ultimate baby gear buying guide comes into play. If you follow these shopping guides on those baby products, you will find yourself save a few bucks from that. Here we go.

Never ignore the first place

The first place to go is a baby shower. You might be surprised by the essential baby gears you can get there. Your family and friends would be happy to give out their second hand baby gadgets to help you. However, you should remember that always go for must-have baby products instead of thousands of baby clothes. So that they could get you gifts that mean a lot to you and your baby.

Facebook and Twitter could help

Take the advantage of social media. Facebook fan pages are a great spot to get to know the latest information of the baby gear from your favorite brands. They always provide the latest savings opportunities, or coupon codes there. Sometimes, there might be surprise for you.

Why not take a test drive?

Before you decide to spends hundreds of bucks on something big like a stroller or a baby monitor. try it borrow it from a friend to make sure your baby has no problem with it. You can just save your money if your baby does not feel good about it.

Here is some tips on buying a best video baby monitor:

A video baby monitor could cost you an arm and a leg. So make sure you follow some guides out there, such as, so that you are less likely to buy the wrong one.

Save money in a smart way

Gears like car seats must be found to follow the newest safety guidelines. However, it is totally okay to buy some second hand baby products such as changing tables or rocking chairs. Sites like Swap Baby Goods and Freecycle are great places to find a good deal. And you can go to local community forum, as well. Don’t forget to do the disinfection after you bring those stuff home.

Don’t Rush, you have time

But those items step by step. There is no need to buy all the stuff at a time. For example, you can buy a baby crib later as most newborns could sleep in a bassinet for a while. You can buy one after you have done enough research about it and find an ideal option. However, a car seat is needed immediately, and you must install it properly. This way you are able to avoid wasting money.

Get away from those hypes!

Stay away from hypes. It is always a good idea to do some research before you decide on any amazing baby gear you have seem. Things are always too good to be true. Google it to read what other customers said about it, or ask your friends. And a little common sense is what you need. Unless you need to do the marathon training with the baby, you will not find a jogging stroller necessary. Besides, you can also live without infant food processors or baby diaper wipe warmers. A digital video infant monitor with ‘zoom’ feature is often digital zoom which will lose the picture quality. Some baby gears labeled as “only for infant” might surprise you by their profit. A drawer from a baby-specific furniture shop might cost you hundreds of bucks, but an one from an ordinary furniture warehouse will cost you much less than that. And they simply do the same thing for you.